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ISTD Project

This project was for the International Society of Typographers brief for 2023 which is an organisation that celebrates typography and its depiction.


 There were multiple briefs to choose from and I chose the one titled ''Open/Close''. This was the challenge of finding a book on the public domain and creating a piece expressing the stories opening and closing chapters using typography.

The book I chose was the original story of Winnie the Pooh published by A.A Milne in 1926 just a few years after he served in World War 1 which he was strongly against.

The piece has a theme based on escaping the real world and delving into our childlike innocence, relating both to a lot of adults today looking for any small bit of nostalgia or even Milne himself after serving in a battle which most likely caused him mental torment afterwards.

I created posters (image) to depict this as there was a lot of freedom in this format and I experimented with photography and watercolours alongside the adventure of playing with typography

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