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This was another project for college focused on brand identity and was created with the intention to be used for the departments Graduation Showcase in the summer.

My mission was to create a brand which encompassed all elements of design in the music, animation and graphic design departments.


The name for my showcase was Eureka, as all designers have one thing in common. We all have them moments where are ideas come to life. A moment where the lightbulb goes off and our creativity flows, whether it's writing a song, creating a character for our story in animation or even branding for a client.


The first thing that I did was seek out students from each departrment,  and ask them for memorable  moments from their time in their respective courses.

What I learned as that we all have different moments, some negative like a computer crashing and losing files. The positive ones vary, such as winning a competition or even just making your first poster and realising you had that spark!


The logo for my brand (top) was based off the ''Squiggle'' by Damian Newman, (bottom) which was a diagram that shows off how a typical design process works.

Our head starts out all over the place coming up with ideas and over time the line gets smaller as we do the research and reach the development stage and eventually the final solution.

Final Solution

Poster for Showcase

Invitation for Showcase

Gift Bag

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